Love Is Innocent !! My Real Experience. ...

Posted by KM Bhai on Jan 7, 2019
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Love is innocent !! My real experience. I was going to a place in public vehicle. There were 6 people in the vehicle. After some distance. A lady with her small baby entered in the vehicle. She was sitting beside an old man and her baby was sitting in her lap. The baby was looking very cute and funny nature. He started playing with that old man, who was sitting near to him. The old man was surprised, but he didn’t say anything. Just watching him. The baby started playing with his cloths, touching his chin, and sometimes he hold his hand. The old did’t say anything, just smiling and feeling happy. everyone in the vehicle was looking to that baby, all one have smile on their face and feeling grateful. It was very heart touching. Both of them didn’t know to each other, they didn’t say any word. But their innocent nature force them to love to each-other. This is the true love. Its don’t need any recognition and don’t need voice, just feel it and enjoy it. Love is innocent.

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