A Research compilation Titled "Everything You Need ...

Posted by Peter Ruan on Apr 11, 2012
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A research compilation titled "Everything You Need To Know About Happiness In The World" says that happiest countries in the world all typically in Northern Europe, least happy in Sub-Saharan Africa; but happiness is measured by more than money -- community, religion, and health play big roles.  Of course, income matters, but it isn't the most important thing.  Unemployment causes as much unhappiness as separation or bereavement, while trust, freedom, quality and social interactions increase happiness.  In countries where life is harder, relgiosity helps generate positive emotions.  Mental and physical health matters.  So do values; altruism and kindness have shown happiness rise in both giver and receiver.   Having children, though, is no gaurantee of happiness.  Education indirectly affects happiness through higher income and better healthcare.  And in most developed countries, women are happier than men. :)

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