Awakin RAK - Nov 2018

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Dec 30, 2018
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We had our November session for Awakin Circle on 17 Nov 2018 and it was one where we had lots of ideas and thoughts that we shared. The session began with one hour of sitting in silence.

The passage reading was from Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy --by Eckhart Tolle (Apr 18, 2016) which focused accept that relationships are here to make you conscious instead of happy.

My view was true relationships make us conscious rather than happy because true love arises from beyond the mind and represents the fulfillment of the divine. This was then followed with a lovely home cooked dinner which all of us relished

Our next session is on 31 December 2018 as we bid goodbye to the Year 2018 which as full of gratitude and love and we look forward to Year 2019 which will be filled with lots of compassion, gratitude and love for all.

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