Nature & Nurture: Karma Kitchen Detroit!

Posted by Nilam Chauhan on Dec 2, 2018
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We hosted our fourth annual Karma Kitchen Detroit in early October this year!

It was extra special to me, as I had to unexpectedly travel to India for a month prior, and was sad, thinking I'd have to cancel. Instead, during my absence, the Detroit Awakin family stepped up and arranged everything!

Renee and Janet (my soul sisters) took the initiative and organized everyone and everything -- from the menu to the venue, promoting on social media, finalizing details with Meiko and Kiley of the Pink Flamingo, printing menus and checks and collaborating with the cooks and servers.

In short, I arrived home only a few days prior to Karma Kitchen, and was overjoyed to see the love and ownership taken by the Awakin Family to make this special event happen once again.

On the day of the event, it was a cold and rainy October day. We were concerned, but went ahead and set up knowing in our hearts that it is ours to serve and let go of the outcome. The first hour no one came, so we took that time to eat and bless each other with our food and hospitality. Soon after, our guests started slowly trickling in, and by the end of the evening, we had shared food and joy with about 75 guests!

Umbrellas over the tables, a roaring bonfire and lovely fall decorations, along with hot and nourishing homemade food kept our guests cozy, warm and content.

Nature has provided a weather challenge every year of our KK event. This has only strengthened our commitment and allowed us the opportunity to practice surrender and shown us that all ends well when our intentions are pure and aligned with love and service.

More photos from the day.

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