The Circle Takes Care Of Itself

Posted by Ewa Lelontko on Dec 1, 2018
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Last Wednesday I had a privilege to host my first Awakin Circle in Brighton.

I still remember when I sat down with Meghna at her beautiful flat in Ahmedabad 8 months ago (if you ever visit, ask her for the ice coffee!). It was the first time that I shared out loud the intention of hosting my own circle. But if I'd ask myself when I thought about this for the first time, it must have been already during my first ever circle back at Trishna's house in London.

I was bit nervous about the upcoming gathering. The mind was creating the usual doubts: What if people don't like it? What if my uni friends think I'm a crazy hippie? What if no-one comes?

It was beautiful to watch my heart during this process though, how calm it remained and how it knew that introducing the circle to this city was the right thing.

I could go on and on about this, but just wanted to share the key highlights for me:

- My housemates Joss and Joe, who fully supported me and agreed to open our house to complete strangers
- One of the participants' message afterwards: "It was the best day I've had in the UK" (he only moved here in Sep, but still.... ;-)
- Sharing the dinner at the end and seeing everyone feel so natural and at home

Before sitting down for our hour of silence, so many emotions whirling inside, I reminded myself of what Trishna shared with me one evening after Nimo's visit.
"The circle takes care of itself."
It was in that moment, that all my worries dissolved. I knew that I was merely a vessel here, creating a space for something much higher than myself. It didn't matter who I was. Once the first bell rang, the magic of the circle took over and all we had to do was to listen to our hearts and stay open for each other.
Today, I pay the deepest gratitude to all of you who, together, create this special community called Service Space.

If not for it, I wouldn't be able to find groundness in the London's craziness 2 years ago. I wouldn't have known about Manav Sadhna. I wouldn't have volunteered with Paryavaran Mitra, wouldn't have met Ashish bhai who became a dear friend and a mentor. Wouldn't have found a sister in Ani D. And wouldn't have met so many amazing, kind, inspiring people who I hold so dearly in my heart today.

Keep on being so wonderful, so vulnerable at times, so real and true to yourself. I genuinely believe that you are the change that is making this world a much better place for all of us.

With a heart overflowing with love,

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  • Ani wrote ...

    So beautiful that you’re listening deeply to that quiet inner voice Ewa .. following your hearts call to offer the Brighton community a circle... all the while continuing to look deeper to serve your own journey inwards. ❤️🙏