Bayarea: This Wednesday ... Yin And Yang 2.0 :)
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Nov 26, 2018

Dear Friends,

This Wednesday, we are delighted to host Rev. Heng Sure at our Awakin Circle, just days before he leaves the country for an extended period. You can RSVP here as usual and we'll be limited to the first 85 RSVPs: Our topic will be: Yin and Yang 2.0 -- Balancing Strength and Kindness in a New Paradigm.

For those who know Rev. Heng Sure, it is clear that no description of him is ever complete. You have to actually hear his riveting, wisdom-filled stories with animated story-telling voices. You have to feel his humility and how he can relate to and inspire just about anyone, from prisoners to monks, from recovering dot-commers to Macintosh fans, from kids to parents. You have to see how he moves entire audiences to tears with simple songs on his guitar.

Originally from Ohio, his life changed with a random phone call while pursuing graduate studies at UC Berkeley. Through a series of serendipitous events, he met a Chinese master who inspired him to dedicate his life to understanding and building virtue. He became a monk named Rev. Heng Sure. In the early years of his 40+ years as a Buddhist monk, he took a remarkable "three steps and a bow" pilgrimage of peace along Highway 1. For 800 miles, 2 years and 9 months. "How do the leaves thank the root for the water, or the sun for the light? How does the root repay the leaf for nourishment, the mulch? No giving or taking. Who receives; who gives? Cultivate the Way; end the self."

This Wednesday, Nov 28th, we are privileged to host Rev. Heng Sure -- who has been an avid supporter of all things ServiceSpace for the last twenty years. RSVP here.

Thank you also for your resonance with Sister Lucy's stunning stories last month. After her interactions with more than a thousand of you, in just a span of a few days, she wrote a sweet note of gratitude whose title said it all: "Love in Plenty". During Nipun's October trip to South Asia and Europe, at one point, he similarly found himself with a moment of awe at a cafe in Warsaw: "We never know what leads to what, and we will never know. Trust. Surrender the outcomes." Just bow, as Rev. Heng Sure might say.

With Gratitude-in-Plenty ...

P.S. On Nov 29th in SF, Robin (McKenna)'s remarkable film, GIFT, is being screened. She's kindly offered us a few complimentary tickets. Email us if you're interested.

P.P.S. On Dec 8th in Berkeley, Thuy is hosting a workshop on Chinese medicine and spirituality. Details here: Between Heaven and Earth

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