Fresh Off Of A HHH Retreat, ...

Posted by Bradley Stoll on Nov 11, 2018
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Fresh off of a HHH retreat, where we listened to each other and ourselves, I was able to witness one member of the retreat put what she learned into action. There was a rather divisive message circulating on Nextdoor, an app that works to create connections within neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the post circulating wasn't doing that. Rather, it was filled with fear, hate, and even a touch of racism, directed at a young man accused of a crime. Upon seeing this post, Aditie responded with a post of love and compassion, even for the criminal, as she told the story about the retreat:). Then, she invited everyone for tea at her place in order to create a community of that is safe and inclusive! To paraphrase what I heard from Nnej, it's difficult to harm those who have given you fruit from their trees.

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  • Roshni Shah wrote ...

    sounds beautiful, sending <3