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Posted by Anand Damani on Nov 4, 2018
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This is my random ramblings about the concept of ownership and its consequences.

On this planet you find there is abundance everywhere. There exists an untold wealth of resources across the Earth. Before anything comes into existence, its needs are taken care of by nature. Matter came before water, water came before plants. Milk in the udder comes before the young one is born. Still, the myth that there is not enough continues to prevail.

From being gobbled up by fierce animals, to protecting those fierce animals from becoming extinct, human being has come a full circle. He has reached the zenith of scientific achievements and is in the stage of mutating genes using crispr technologies.

Using the imaginative power bestowed upon him, humankind created a flowering civilization on earth. And amidst all these developments, man is poor :). This is an irony in reality.

Why are only Humans Poor?

In reality there is coexistence and abundance all over. But the imagination of man turned out to be so overpowering to him, that he believes in his unfounded thoughts and is missing what is real.

Along the journey of learning to use his imaginative powers, he has also given rise to confusion and illusions. Misusing the faculty of imagination, the human creature divided natural resources into different parts. He tried to prevent other creatures and fellow human beings from consuming them.

The resources used by man, have their utility only to the extent of protecting or growing his body or improving his experience of life on Earth. Anything else that he accumulates or hoards is wastage of those resources. This wastage has increased as humankind has progressed.

Coming to the question of rich or poor, has the human creature produced anything that was not made using the materials available on Earth? How can he claim to own something when all the wealth belongs to the Earth itself?

The simple fact is that nature had those resources long before human being came into existence. They will remain long after he ceases to have the body.

The body that he thinks as his own is perishable while he is not! This is the truth. While man using his imagination thinks of himself as just the body. In reality however, he is the intrinsic whole life atom that holds within it the essential nature of life itself. His imagination acts as a limiting factor, confining his consciousness only to what can be seen or felt by the bodily senses.

The planet is full of elements for human being to enjoy and experience. But in his imagination, humankind brought in this concept of ownership. It is not in alignment with the coexistence formula nature had in mind when creating the frontal cortex in the complex human body system.

It is the need of the hour to realize that human beings are a collective lot. They are existing to share the wealth of the planet in a manner that everyone in this family of one life force is able to feed the body and maintain the body.

This is too simple and straightforward which the Economists from Harvard and Wharton need to understand and educate themselves, as well as the whole world through their good offices.

Looking forward to spreading this simple Philosophy to as many brothers and sisters as possible.

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