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Posted by Bela Shah on Oct 29, 2018
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Last Saturday, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Simon Hampel.

How do leaders become wise and compassionate stewards? The question has guided Simon Hempel in his work as a Partner of Leaders’ Quest, a London-based organization that trains leaders in business, government and civil society worldwide to become purposeful, conscious, and transformational leaders. And the question has also guided Simon in his own changing personal journey. Hempel became a serial entrepreneur at a very young age, resisting the traditional route to college. He created companies across UK, Europe, the US and Canada in the fields of financial services, leisure, consultancy and technology. After great success, in 2002 he lost everything and ended up joining an Amazonian expedition. And while this was a difficult place to be, it brought upon him a vital shift of another order -- a shift inward. It’s from this space of inner attunement that Hempel believes the truly transformative, conscious leader can emerge.

We'll post the transcript of the call soon, but you can find the audio here. Also below are some of the nuggets that stood out from the call.
  • I had never suffered that much in my life. I had lost everything. The suffering was at so many levels. I remember feeling incredibly guilty and shameful. I felt like I had done something wrong even though I hadn't. I struggled to make even the most mundane choice. I didn't want to effect anyone's life. For about 6 months I sat in that suffering and I wasn't sure if it was fair or unfair. I wasn't comfortable looking out into the world. This kind of suffering really helped with perspective. Even though I had lost everything, because I had nothing else to lose, because I had nothing, I just said "Yes!". I started realizing what I needed would appear. Trust and step forward.
  • My sense of purpose is when you connect to something bigger than yourself with an energy into that, that makes it hard not just to get up and move. It doesn't mean you go into action, you can be and listen, be still and allow the right things to come through. But there is a power in that connection to something bigger than yourself that results in action.
  • When people ask me about having purpose, I think the first place to start is to think about our values. When we are more aligned, connected, that integration of oneself and having a sense of sense, it can help you to find a purpose beyond self.
  • Strategies to deepen the inner bandwidth and cultivate deeper alignment: In my experience, time helped me to develop a daily practice of awareness. If I could I would give that gift to everyone in the world. It doesn't have to be meditation but for me meditation brings me back to a state of awareness. Whatever happens in my day, however disturbing, I always have this anchor, this practice to bring me back into awareness.
  • Sometimes things break down in order for new things to break through. If we can remain centered, aligned, integrated, open, trusting, and safe, then having already found a sense of deeper purpose, my experience is that it comes again, even if it's in a different form.
  • Leadership is about how we help those around us shine and how we help them manifest and bring out whatever is they are intended to do. My sense is that it's a relational thing. It's encouraging, loving, caring, listening, and it's responsible also. As we experience life we have opportunities to lead others all the time.

Lots of gratitude to all the behind-the-scenes volunteers that made this call happen!

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  • Michaele Premet-Rosen wrote ...

    I so enjoyed this Call.