Nimo: “Kindness, Gratitude, And Love”

Posted by Sujatha Babu on Oct 21, 2018
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It had been raining a bit in the morning in Pondicherry (India). Nimo was scheduled to belt his songs, share his stories and spread the kindness at the Unity Pavilion in Auroville on Sunday. In the evening, the sky finally cleared up except for a sporadic drizzle.

My daughter was super excited that she would finally get to meet the-one-and-only Nimo. She loves listening to his songs and seeing the EmptyHands videos. One of her friends and his family needed a lift to the event. So we picked them up and drove down a narrow backroad to join the Auroville main road when it happened. A big car coming from the opposite side squeezed our vehicle to the side of the road and one of our car wheels got in to a hole that was filled with water.

We all got out of the car. We mothers tried to keep the children under the shade of a tree and away from the narrow road, while both the fathers tried to get the car back on to the road. They were not very successful in their attempts.

A motorcyclist (a localite who was hurrying to get home before the next rains) stopped by to help. Pretty soon, there were about 5-7 localities who had all stopped in the midst of their busy schedule. And voila - they managed to get the car wheel out of the hole!!!!

Everyone was splattered in mud, but the kind-helpers all waved away our thanks and sped away before the next rains. We could not even get their names!!!!

We missed attending Nimo’s program. But hey - we felt the kindness of strangers! We felt the gratitude flowing through our hearts! And the drizzling evening showers were showers of love.

All true to his program title “Kindness, Gratitude, and Love”

Thank you, Nimo!!!! You were in our hearts and thoughts. Hope you had a moving performance.

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  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    What a lovely account, Sujatha! Thanks for sharing :)