Towards Better Health, By Nisha

Posted by Suchitra Shenoy on Oct 12, 2018
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As many of you know, Nisha and Ragu have been on a journey of learning about and sharing what they know on Nature Cure or Life Natural.

Last week, along with the whirl of a Circle with Nipun, Meghna, Swara and Rohit on Gandhi in Today's World in Hyderabad, we had Nisha share with a small audience of 20 or so, on Towards Better Health. It was an engaged group of people that lead to a helpful Q&A and discussion afterwards.

Nausheen Ahmed kindly summarized the session. Please read it at:

Many in the audience left with ideas for small changes or resolutions that they can make to their way of eating, their way of living.

What's yours? :)

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