The Man Who Moved A Mountain

Posted by on Oct 10, 2018
Dashrath Manjhi lived in a remote town in northern India that lacked water supply, electricity, a school, and a medical center. "He was an outcast, a landless labourer who had to trek across an entire mountain every day, just to reach the farm that he worked on." The treacherous journey took hours and was filled with danger from falling rocks and steep paths. When his wife fell and injured herself, he vowed to do the impossible: cut a road through the mountain himself. With just a hammer, chisel, and crowbar, Manjhi chipped away at that mountain until his road was formed, taking him 22 years. But he didn't stop there. From The Better India, here is the unbelievable story about the difference one humble man made driven by love for his wife and people. [Full Story]

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