What Does A Compassionate Workplace Look Like?

Posted by DailyGood.org on Sep 14, 2018
Compassion in the workplace may sound foreign, but studies have shown that cultivating compassion at the office can have remarkable outcomes for product design, employee and customer engagement, and accountability. Compassion is at the root of delivering quality service, says Monica Worline, because "Service quality hinges on relationships, and relationships deepen when we listen and hear what's going on in someone else's life." In this interview Worline, Executive Director of the CompassionLab at the University of Michigan, and co-author of Awakening Compassion at Work, sits down with author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal to discuss what happens when companies lead with empathy and how we can become stewards of compassion for ourselves, our customers, and our coworkers. [Full Story]

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