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Posted by Joserra G. on Aug 30, 2018
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Vinoba Bhave said, "if you eat, then you are part of systems'. How right!

In the path of inner transformation I sometimes forget of the importance of the systems I am part of... It's an undeniable part of our lives and realities. How does food come to our table? How do we move around? What are the processes involved in making and keeping the house I live in?

As we are holding these conversations in the ecosystem, I wander, is there any interesting framework-theory-experiment you have found particularly relevant in the intersection of love and system design?

I was very moved recently by an experience in Auroville and I also got in touch with the work of Barbara Max- Hubbard and her Wheel of Co-creation :).

I also remember the Sarvodaya wheel that Vinoba created... Does anyone have a pic of it to add here??

Sending you all love!

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  • Vishesh Gupta wrote ...

    I'm also very interested in this!
    Please share anything you discover