KKC Retreat At Sugad!!!
--Ketan Vikamsey
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Aug 23, 2018

Seventeen members of the KKC family got to spend three precious days on the Land of Gandhi at Ahmedabad in August 2018. First ever off-site of this kind at KKC, this retreat actually turned out be an “in-site” for the participants. Right from a warm welcome at pick-up, to the memorable rickshaw ride with “Ahmedabad no Rickshaw walo” Udaybhai, to “Aapke ghar mein aapka swagat hai!”, we all were overwhelmed by the love and warmth we received at the retreat.

A memorable walk in the Gandhi Ashram – Hriday Kunj, Ashram Shala, Safai Vidyalay, Swagyan Mandir, to welcoming the children of Ashram shala in their own home with tilak, smiley and Garba, to cleaning the campus and making small handmade gifts for the children to having lunch with them, left us with a very humbling experience.

The Retreat was special for all of us in more ways than one!
• The pearls of wisdom from Jayeshbhai in the environ of Hriday Kunj at Sugad couldn’t have been in a more apt setting.
• The art with Heart Circle and Dance Movement Therapy circle left the participants in a trance. This experience is not possible to be expressed in words.
• The silence before the awakin talk was very introspective. The silence set the tone for 100% absorption of the wisdom talk of awakin speakers. This, followed by the silent dinner enabled the participants to fully immerse in the selfless love and warmth of the beautiful volunteers.
• The beauty of the reverence of 3 steps and a bow followed by the heart warming seva by the volunteers left the participants full of gratitude and compassion.

All this could not have been possible anywhere else except the spiritual haven that is Sugad. The place is so blessed with positive vibes that love and compassion flows dispassionately through the environ. The quotes etched all over the place coupled with the hand picked selection of artefacts adorning the campus was so intriguing for the participants that the space was overwhelmingly welcoming for the family.

KKC family was blessed to be offered this sacred space to host their annual retreat and for which we are greatly touched and deeply grateful to Jayeshbhai, all the selfless volunteers, caring staff of Sugad, the management of Gandhi Ashram and the innumerable beautiful souls that we came across in these three days.

Posted by Ketan Vikamsey on Aug 23, 2018

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