Labor-of -love Project And An "Overdose Delight"

Posted by Pham Thi on Aug 14, 2018
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Our little labor-of-love project for July is to build a school garden for Thuan Thanh Primary School in Citadel, Hue. Last Saturday, our small team in Hue had finally gathered for Saturday Awakin Circle to celebrate our team effort and reclaim quality time from our busy weeks.

Two of our friends decided to surprise the host (myself) with home-cooked pumpkin dishes plus my own dish. So we ended up with 3 pumpkin recipes for our supper:-). What a sweet coincidence!

We enjoyed our home-cooked meal as much as the jokes about the pumpkin coincidence. One named our gathering “ Pumpkin Circle” as we started with pumpkin soup and finished with pumpkin puree! Others called it “ Pumpkin Over-dose” or “Pumpkin Festival”. It was all about pumpkin and we were kind of overdosed but as we all agreed, it was an “ Overdose Delight”. Simply because all the dishes were made with love.

P/S: If you're interested in school garden, here's the little one that our group has built recently in Citadel, Hue:

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