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Posted by KM Bhai on Aug 9, 2018
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A step towards the peace in universe
02-08-18 to 10-08-18

“Hindustan has always been an example of communal harmony and brotherhood. Our ancient past is a witness to the fact that Hindustan has always given the first priority to human beings, not physical things. It is the Hindustan way to live a tradition of selflessness, sacrifice of life and things, humanism and belief. Our country is the explorer of peace. Religious men and those people who have countered feelings like temptation, greed, discrimination, hatred and separation wanted to bring us together in Peace.

Today, this tradition is becoming tarnished. People are divided among the greed of power and self-interest. Hatred among different religions is being created. Vandalism is gaining momentum. Attempts are being made to divide our mother India into religions, caste and cultures, which is affecting our society and our shared culture. There have been many conflicts between our two main religions, and sometimes there is an attempt to take political advantage by spreading hatred towards a particular religion. Perhaps, this power quest does not know that the invaluable treasures of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and communal harmony has given us the form of heritage which introduced us, our culture of common culture with our society, who then shared with the whole world, which has presented a combination of communities and heritage all over the world.


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