Angels Walk In Our Lives

Posted by Dimple Parmar on Aug 7, 2018
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One year back, when we first landed in the US for my late husband Nitesh's cancer treatment, we felt like lost children, helpless and extremely incapable of making it out on our own. Nitesh's health was on a downward spiral and we had no clue as to how we would manage to live in this country with limited means and no support.
But then we got connected to the Karia family (Strangers for us at that time Poonam Karia, Parag Karia), who saved us. The past few months have been the most liberating ones, in our lives.

Nitesh was showered with abundant love and I was given immense amounts of support, dignity, and respect, things I felt were at times hard to come by back home. They took care of us, clothed and fed us, told us that we could defeat the disease and gave us immense satisfaction by supporting and understanding us, while many others were struggling to do so.

Nitesh's diet was always a reason for concern given his condition but they helped us tackle it with all the effort we could muster. Our dream of availing treatment in the US would have remained distant had they not been there. There were numerous times when they went out of their way to do everything they could for us, even at the expense of their family 's comfort. This was the love and care Nitesh was craving so bad back home, little did I know I found find it in a home far away from India.

I was extremely scared when we landed. Seeing Nitesh suffer hurt me to the extent that I felt physical pain. I felt alone, extremely worried about how things would turn out. They took us into your arms and enveloped us in warmth and affection. At times when the stress got too bad and we ended fighting with each other, they showed us how to love better. We found a home in them.

Nitesh found his willpower back and we got the opportunity to get treated from the best. It would have never occurred to me that incidents and opportunities would align themselves and things would work out so quickly. They are the angels who saved us as we lay freezing in the cold. Without them, we would not have survived in the foreign land.

We grew as a person under them, and this part of me is going to remain with us for the rest of our lives. And for Nitesh, what mattered at the end was "How can we serve"?
Thank you for saving us, loving us and never giving up on us :)

In deep gratitude
Dimple :)

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