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Posted by Suratvanti Ashwin on Aug 7, 2018
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I am here at Sughad since few days for Dil Darshan Retreat. And I have a lot, literally a lot to blog and put out here, sometime soon. But I have this uncontrollable feeling to share this right away, today. Short, simple and on point.

While we all are (or at least I am) looking out for different ways and inspirations and stories out in the world, we had chance to know Jadi Baa (an elderly, sweetest lady working in kitchen, also mostly doing dishes apart from helping in kitchen).
Today (07/08/2018), is the first birthday of Pankajbhai's daughter, Khushi. Since many days he was in general excited about going home to celebrate with her and was talking with everyone about going home for that. Two days back while Pankajbhai came and sat with us for dinner, he took out 21 Rs. from his pocket and said to us, with the greatest blessed feeling in his eyes, super excited and proud and amazed and happy and cheer in his eyes; "Guess what, Jadi Baa gave 21 Rs. to me for my Khushi as her blessings. I tried every way out saying no, I can't take it from you, but she said your kid has to have my blessings."
He was apparently speechless and was sooo amazed by the huge heart of this lady! We all too were. I still am.

Also, today while I was chopping veggies with her in evening, one of our friends said, she loves the 'chaniya' (Indian traditional outfit) she wears, it's style and she will get is stitched somewhere. So Jadi Baa said instantaneously, "My tailor does it for only 150 Rs." So I said, "Navratri vakhate hu aavis tamari pase, tame lai jajo mane sivdava."(I will come to you for getting one stitched for me in the time of Navratri). So she says, "Maro j lai jajo ne, khotta kharcha karvana." (You take mine only for wearing, why to waste money.) And I was like amazed to deeper deeper extents! Speechless. Look at her heart! Generosity sounds small word for the heart she has.

While we search/explore all kinds of inspirations from all great people in the world, we sometimes miss to notice sitting next to us.

Grateful for it all.


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Comments (3)

  • Kinjal mehta wrote ...

    Amazing person!! Truly an inspiration 🙏 give jaadi baa lots of love from my side. 🙌👏👏👏😘

  • Swara wrote ...

    I am going to see Jadi ba soon. Definitely your story is going to be in my heart when I meet her. Beautiful!

  • Kishan Laddha wrote ...

    Wow! Thank you for sharing Vanti. So many gems are hidden with Jadi baa, only her Dwarkadheesh (lord Krishna) would know. For last eleven years, every year she walks more than 450 kilometers with a group of pilgrims to Dwarka and we know that she herself is a pilgrimage.