Decorating A Hospital With Copies Of Artworks

Posted by bernard honig on Jul 31, 2018
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This is the first time I write on this site and I would just like to submit a little project which has been initiated by the association « La Palette des Peintres » in Montélimar, in the Rhone valley in Southern France. My aim is simply to encourage others to copy our initiative or to start a similar project.

Our project is to decorate the main hospital in Montélimar (entrance, halls, waiting-rooms, offices and the rooms of the patients) and my aim is to encourage you to decorate a hospital close to where you live.

Our project is somewhat different from other projects I have found on the internet. Our aim is purely to decorate the hospital with copies of artworks (paintings, drawings, etc.) made by local artists (mainly amateur). By using copies, the cost of the project is greatly reduced so that it is possible to increase the number of reproductions we produce and the artists remain in possession of their original works. The quality of the reproductions is very good and often hard to distinguish from the original.

In practice, the artists are all volunteers, members of local clubs and associations. They transmit pictures (jpeg files) of their artworks to us by email. We then meet with the administrators in the hospital (with whom the project has ofcourse been discussed) and give them a memory stick with all the pictures. All references concerning the names of the artists have been removed and each picture on the memory stick just has a number. The hospital chooses the artworks they would like to receive and indicates which they would like to have in a bigger format (to decorate entrances and larger rooms). This procedure allows us to eliminate the the problem of choosing the artworks. We have agreed with the hospital that at least one artwork of each artist is reproduced even if they didn't choose one.

The reproductions we order are on Forex plates (a sort of hard but flexible plastic foam, about a third of an inch thick) but other materials (pictures under plexiglass) are possible. We avoid glass and nails to avoid injuries. Once reproduced, we give the copies of the artworks to the hospital free of charge and they take care of the decoration.

The hospital then invited the artists to come and see the decoration.

The difficult part of the project is ofcourse financial. We raise funds bit by bit on the internet and receive donations from artists, associations, staff members of the hospital, etc. Presently we are looking for companies with philantropic actions, especially in the field of art and or healthcare.

So, if you're an artist, if you know a group of artists, if you know of a hospital in need of decoration, why not start a project like ours ? It does take some time to coordinate all the actions, but there is no rush and no deadline to meet. The decoration can be made in several phases. The photos of the artwork can ofcourse be used several times, should you want to decorate more than one hospital !

If you are interested in receiving further information, I will most gladly try to answer your questions.

This idea came to me as some years ago I had to stay in a hospital for a week and was surrounded by four empty white walls without being allowed to get out of my bed. This was a sad and depressing atmosphere for me especially as my hobby is drawing and painting. Most of my paintings were made for friends and given to them. I just kept a picture of them as a memory for myself. So the idea of making copies of artworks to decorate a hospital was only natural for me.

Finally, for those who are interested, there are many studies indicating the positive influence of art in hospitals in relation to aspects such as reduction of pain of patients ; reduction of stress for patients, family members, staff ; reduction of the duration of hospitalisation of patients and even reduction of turnover of staff.

Please excuse my English if I made mistakes as French is my normal language.

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