Awakin RAK - June 2018

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Jul 31, 2018
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In June 2018, We began our session on the 29th of the month which was a Friday and it was a blissful evening with lots of reflections on the passage and lots of discussions that followed.

Being 6 months already into this awakin journey, I felt so connected with my inner self and so did all the participants that we had no words to express how thankful we all were to the wonderful hosts and Nipun for showing us this.

We had our one hour of silence, reflections on the passage Action Without Desire Of Outcomes by Vinoba Bhave where it stated how one can act without having any desire of the outcome which is tough to follow, doing selfless karma and not worrying about the outcomes. The words written in the passage "The main product of work is work itself" really inspired us and made us realize that we need to strive to work only better.
This was then followed by a delicious meal. A big thank you to the wonderful hosts.

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