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Posted by Elizabeth Pimentel-Gopal on Jul 20, 2018
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Dear Karma Kitchen Friends, thank you for your ongoing support in nurturing the spirit of generosity at Karma Kitchen!

Next Sunday, July 29th, we're on in Berkeley! Do swing by for lunch if you're local. Or, if you'd like to volunteer from 10AM-4PM, we do have a few spots open.

In the last month, we've been witness to some remarkable stories at Karma Kitchens around the globe. In Nepal, Sushil reports the first KK Kathmandu, where guests were wowed by the big-hearted volunteers, who "were all physically disabled, myself included". At KK Dubai, Sehr calls it a "massive heart surgery" -- with stories of a celebrity chef volunteering, CNN filming, and the theme: "It's Cool To Be Kind"! In Toronto, Thu hosted KK in the Park, with a future city council member tweeting: "Unforgettable." (and she's at it again tomorrow!)

In NYC, Ebony wondered, "Can New Yorkers open their hearts?" And discovered, why, yes they can. And in Surat, India, Parag and crew host their dozenth KK, with a World Cup Soccer theme: "Except here, we're all winners." And the month before, guests happily sat in their cars in 41 degrees C (106 F!) summer heat just to await for an open table!

Now in our 11th year in Berkeley, it's incredible to witness how the timeless spirit of service continues to manifest. From archives like Rish's poetic recap (almost exactly 11 years ago!) to Pavi's recollection of a 'record day', to the palpable blessing of the "Food Thief at KK" -- our hearts bow in gratitude, for this collective journey, and the spirit of service that affords the opportunity for our lives to intersect, remember, and tap into our inextricable interconnections.

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