The World Is Kind: Part I

Posted by Dimple Parmar on Jul 16, 2018
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Service Space family in the US:

Wow. Life is beautiful, and the people are wonderful. I thank God and my late husband Nitesh for showing me the path of love and care. After losing the only love I have known in life, at the age of 27, it is nothing short of a rebirth for me with so much love, compassion, gratitude, courage, and support coming my way.

All of this started with my journey with Service space. From the smoldering ashes of the past, a flower blossomed when the founder of Service Space, Nipun, walked into my life. I met many kind souls on this beautiful journey, the first of whom was Nipun bhaiya. He opened New dimension of possibilities with Love for me :)

I humbly bow down to him for everything he has done for me. I learned from him, LEAD WITH LOVE & CHANGE THE WORLD. I met Nipun bhaiya first in Berkeley, and with that meeting, a new journey began. :)

When I came across Nimo’s videos through Karma Tube, I was deeply touched by it and even after losing Nitesh I danced with joy for his music made me realize the value of loving and remembering. Inspired and moved by Nimo's music I added EmptyHandsMusic to my arsenal which I come back whenever I'm down. I didn't think at that time I would meet Nimo and he would be the cause of my meetings with many kind souls in California from Manav Sadhna who have been doing amazing service in their own ways.

Then came the day when I stumbled on the "Kindness Temple" at Santa Clara -- our own Harshida aunty and Dinesh uncle's home. It was 3 days before I was going back to India, and I was truly blessed to attend an Awakin Circle that included CF-Mom, CF-Dad, Nipun Bhai, Guri Ji, and my dear friend Audrey. Such a joyful evening it was. There were so much love and happiness in the air. Even though I didn't have any luggage with me, I ended up spending the night there. It is such a sacred and healing space. I was touched by Aunty’s loving line “Mere Ghar aayi Ek Nanhi pari” (A little angel has come to our home). I told Dinesh uncle that about my love for tennis and how I wanted to play it on US courts once. And lo behold next day uncle, and I was on the court. Even though I lost the match that day, I won many companions in this lifelong fight against Cancer.

Another family member Neeth from Service Space welcomed me into her home, and I had a wonderful time with them. It was so nice of them to take me to Mahendra Bhaiya's house who is a very inspiring person and is giving a tough fight to Cancer. He took a promise from me that I will to come back in 6 months and revisit him.

I was also fortunate enough to meet Kozo, a cancer survivor with a beautiful soul and a jest to help other cancer patients. He drove me up to Bolinas to visit the healing space Commonwealth center and meet Michael Lerner who has been serving Cancer patients through healing circles. Kozo, I want to say that without you there was no way I could meet Michael. Instances like these make you believe in the times that sometimes the whole universe comes together to support you and uplift you.

Before leaving the US, I really wanted to meet Pavi di and Viral bhaiya, but somehow it didn't happen. On the day I was leaving for India, CF-Mom Dad invited me for lunch and told me that they have a surprise for me (They meant surprises). And here come all the surprises. Uncle gifted me the tennis racquet whose model number I was capturing because I really liked it. And then we were looking for the racquet cover (Nipun Bhaiya, your racquet cover is with me :). So, they gifted me this cute cover with rabbit made on it, gifted to Nipun Bhai by someone. Thank you Stranger friend for this super cute cover.

Next, they gave me a beautiful handmade greeting card to cherish the wonderful time we had together and many other good books. The biggest surprise was that Pavi di and Viral Bhaiya ended up coming over. Wowww…I was in tears when I saw them. I was deeply touched by the love this family showered on me. Thank you, God, for being so kind to me. Thank you Pavi di for the Infinite Vision you gave me. It means a lot coming from you.

Well, now it was time to come back to India. I never thought it would be so difficult for me to leave a country which is not even my own. When I came to the US, I didn't know anybody, and when I was leaving this place, I was blessed & loved by hundreds of friends. Thank you Service Space.

The beautiful journey continued in India with ... Awakin Mumbai -> Cancer Center -> Moved By Love retreat -> Gandhi Ashram -> Awakin Pune -> Maher Ashram -> Service Space family in Mumbai ... :)

I bow to the vast web of love that is ServiceSpace.

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