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Posted by Sophie Wu on Jul 16, 2018
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As we round out Week 4 of our Summer Internship, I'm smiling wide just reading the insights of our teenage interns, Ellie and Adi!

Here's a few excerpts from their experiences this week -- on the theme of "Wisdom"! ...

In his dialogue, Satish Kumar says, "You cannot change the world. You can change yourself." Do you agree? Why?
I think it is more important to change yourself internally rather than the external world because you will not be able to change your surroundings with a genuine intention unless you are internally ready.

In his talk, Barry Schwartz describe the unsung wisdom janitors tap into on the job. This week, you actively thanked public servants. What did you learn?
I learned so much more than I had expected by thanking public servants this week. I spent this past week at an overnight summer camp and I found several wonderful opportunities to thank public workers, from bathroom janitors to bus drivers. From a few of my experiences this week, I learned that simply thanking them and asking them how their day was really makes a positive difference towards their day. Some challenges would probably be stepping out of my comfort zone by doing something that no one else around me is doing, like thanking cashiers, bus drivers, and janitors.

What are you learning from sitting in stillness each day?
I am learning that when I sit in stillness, all my worries and overthinking goes away and when i get out of being still, I feel very refreshed and happy.

It's beautiful to see how the interns integrate our shared values and practices into their daily life. As the summer internship had nurtured my growth and wellbeing last summer, it is wonderful to witness that more young lives are being impacted in this wholesome way. :)

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    That's beautiful, Sophie! With mentors like you and Amit, I'm not surprised that Ellie and Adi growing through service and stillness. :)