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Posted by Joserra G. on Jul 5, 2018
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My faith in the workings of generosity and inner transformation has increased manifold these last days!

Few days ago it was a kitchen garden that manifested and now the altruistic magic of life has brought us the opportunity to serve through another home space!

Last years I have been inspired by this little home located in Villasur de Herreros, a small village 25 kilometers away from Burgos. It reminded me of Vinoba’s Kutir in the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. Both homes have same colors red and white, and similar humility and outstanding simplicity.

I would walk by and feel good vibrations there :). I remember once we were walking by with Madhu and he felt similarly. He said something like: ‘People will come to this space to meditate and just be’.

For these last years I haven’t seen anyone in the house and I was more in traveling mode, so I didn’t undertake research on the house. But few days ago I saw people there and I and Irene and two kids went just for the curiosity and to meet the owners with really no agenda. One of the owners, Cayetana, mentioned by herself that she might want to rent the home, but I felt I didn’t have to go further with such conversation the first time we met. For me it was really a matter of knowing them and connecting heart to heart.

Few days later (yesterday) I call her and tell her:
‘It was so great to meet you the other day! You know, I have this vision of a space in Villasur where people can go and meditate or just be, a space also for community, a place where we can host circles and activities connected to the greater good of all. I feel your place has such good energy and I was wondering what you think. Every time I pass by this space I have a very good feeling about it so I just wanted to share this dream with you.’

Cayetana: ‘Wow, you know, my mom just passed away last year and this house is empty. We don’t use it, but we would love to have someone who takes care of it and keeps it alive. And I am a meditator myself and when you said your name I actually remembered that you are the same Joserra from whom I receive all the Awakin readings weekly. Although I haven’t been in any Awakin Circle before, I knew you :)’

Joserra: Silence hahaha ‘Wow, that’s amazing! What a synchronicity!

Cayetana: ‘Yes, amazing! I feel energy unites people. And you know what, I don’t want any rent for this, I just want to offer it to you with no rent. You can pay the bills and that’s all.’

Joserra: deeper silence now hahahha.

Cayetana: ‘You can come and get the keys this week if you want!’

Conversation had more detail, but this was roughly it. :)

I feel there is a lot to unpack on this but I will leave it for each one hahaha … We talk of these things very often, but its different when you actually see it manifest. From consumption to contribution, from transaction to trust, from isolation to community, from scarcity to abundance… Yayyyy!

This experience definitely increases my faith in the processes I am involved in, within and without. I am sure many people will benefit from this space and a lot of beauty will radiate from it to the World as it is already doing!!

If you want to do some meditaction contact me! :). And we will create a web soon so we can support this emergence and start circles and other activities ! :)


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