Karma Kitchen Nepal: Everybody Can Serve!
--Sushil Adhikari
1 minute read
Jul 2, 2018


Last Saturday, on June 23, we hosted the first Karma Kitchen in Kathmandu (Nepal) with 107 guests getting a first-hand experience of generosity. All the guests were so amazed by the big heart of the volunteers -- who were all physically disabled, myself included.

With the ripple of excitement and happy surprises, from 2PM to 7PM, we offered everyone a very unique experiment in generosity by promoting the spirit of "pay it forward."

Our theme was "Everybody Can Serve". It was a day filled with the spirit of inclusive volunteerism. Our inspiring crew of volunteers helped diners understand what "pay it forward" meant and how to get the chain of giving going. We even had the Karma Kitchen website loaded on our laptop to share more!

We built great friendships and connections throughout the day. The food was deliciously cooked and served with caring love. All the guests felt a pulse of blissfulness in their hearts.

At the peak of monsoon, even the rain could not stop us from making Karma Kitchen a success.

We feel very grateful to Krishna, from Karma Kitchen in Washington DC, for inspiring, motivating and guiding us through this process. This is just the beginning. :)


Posted by Sushil Adhikari on Jul 2, 2018

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