First Awakin In Palencia, Spain
--Sabine Admine
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Jun 17, 2018

New members have appeared on the horizon to participate in strengthening the spirit of the Awakening Kin; in illuminating the whole globe with little, conscious and truly loving steps.

This Saturday, on a very sunny afternoon, under the guidance of a support team from Burgos (warm thanks to Joserra, David and Asun!!!), we opened a door to a new living room that gathers brothers and sisters in behalf of generating and emitting infinite peace.

Great sparkles, smiles and deep silence were shared. At the forthcoming parts welcoming words, inspiring and heartwarming stories were accompanied with a miniature broom-like talking stick. Delicious gifts and also some requirable ‘first timer’ moments were present. :)

What a joy!

Regarding to the previously mentioned ‘broom’ that served as a talking stick, we were speaking about it as if it was sweeping away the matter of such categories as age, race, gender, origin, religious beliefs, social status and any other separation-based concepts. Instead, we have come to celebrate unity in diversity throughout this humble new born circle in Palencia town, in the middle of farmlands, windmills and the planes of Castile and León province of Spain.

In the Circle, we are all equal.
There is no one in front of you
And there's nobody behind you.
No one is above you; no one is below you.
The Circle is sacred because it is designed to create unity.
~Lakota Wisdom

Sweet greetings from Awakin Circle of Palencia! We are looking forwards in meeting you soon somewhere along the way in this awesome expansion of waking up to where peace no longer is needed to be explained and where all hearts are beating as one! :)

Posted by Sabine Admine on Jun 17, 2018

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