It's A Small, Rockin' World. I've ...

Posted by Mark Jacobs on Feb 28, 2012
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It's a small, rockin' world. I've ben trying to see the quite-fabulous-if-slightly-wavy singer-songwriter Jennifer Berezan perform live for a long, long time -- since before there was even a CF, in fact -- and have never been able to manage it. Friday night she played in Vancouver. Naturally, I missed her; it's what I do. But my friend Rodney was a bit luckier -- and taller, but that's another matter. Moved by the joy of a magical musical evening, Rondney did what any twenty-first century non-sociopath would do: he enthused about the experience on Facebook. For good measure, he posted a link to a video clip from the making of an hour-long folky-chant-jam piece Ms. Berezan produced, called "In Your Arms, A Song for All Beings". I missed that too. I'm a sociopathic non-Facebooker. But Thoroughly Modern yooMilee (think: Korean Julie Andrews) was all over it. And whose shiny pate and adorable mug should she spot singing his heart out amid the all-star choir? None other than our most venerated folkster, The Venerable Heng Sure. KarmaTube material fo' Sure. Check. It. Out.    

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...


  • Viral Mehta wrote ...

    Love the story!

  • Pancho wrote ...

    BAAMplex! :-) May all become compassionate, courageous and wise. May peace prevail on Earth. In tears of joy... an apprentice of a citizen of the World.

  • Pancho wrote ...

    beyond the confinements of the chest
    long to hold
    the whole universe of the inextinguishable fire
    in these arms of oneness
    beloved angel please feel
    this infinite love flowing
    through every cell of the body
    through every void of the being
    please feel every vibration
    every moment of impermanence
    in the vastness of this ocean of emptiness
    filled with indescribable identityless universal love

    may these tears of joy water the seeds of happiness, courage, compassion and wisdom that are in everyone's heart for eaons to come...