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Posted by Jyoti on Jun 12, 2018
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At last Wednesday's Awakin circle in Santa Clara we were collectively reflecting on the reading about three kinds of leadership, based on force, transactions and love. It reminded me of a short poem by my friend Lara, from her book 'Searching for God Within" written under her pen name Madhura Bhakti. The poem goes:

You can't force love.
Its not love.
Its force.

I offered up the poem to those gathered in the circle. Later I sent a short note to let Lara know that I had done so. I believe it is nice for a poet to know when her poems are shared and as an excuse for me to reconnect with a friend. I also told her about meeting author Gary Zukav and his wife Linda, who were among the 50 or so listeners in the circle that night.

Lara promptly sent me an email back with her photo with the book she is reading currently. It is one of Gary's books, The Dancing Wu Li Masters. She called it Fun suncronicity!

The circles always end with a couple of minutes of silence, where we beam out the kindness to the world beyond the room. In the two decades plus that Harshida and Dinesh have been hosting this Wednesday night circle, they must have created infinite ripples. It is really exciting to catch a glimpse of one of these in real time. Thank you for making fun suncronicity happen, Harshida, Dinesh and all the ServiceSpace volunteers.

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