Karma Kitchen Dubai!

Posted by Sehr Karim on Jun 10, 2018
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Just concluded an amazing Karma Kitchen launch here in Dubai. More stories coming super soon. :)

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Comments (5)

  • Maria Daniel wrote ...

    Congrats Sehr!!! The bill has beautiful design. Can we see the back part of the document?

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Indeed, Maria, it's a super chic design -- but then again, we expect nothing less from Sehr. :) She might have more to share, but here's a photo of the explanation -- and of the back.

  • Maria Daniel wrote ...

    Thanks, Nipun! It is true, we expect nothing less from Sehr! She did amazing on Karma Kitchen Dubai! :) Way to go, Sehr! I just got inspired to create something similar to Vasco's Deep U project - thank you for the inspiration!!! :)

  • Thu Nguyen wrote ...

    Amazing!! Very inspired!! We're hosting our first one this weekend in Toronto too :)

  • liana pranta wrote ...

    Good luck, can't wait for your inspiring story :)