Playfulness At Karma Kitchen Surat -- In 41 Degree

Posted by Swara Pandya on May 31, 2018
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We just got word about a remarkable Karma Kitchen Surat, that continues every month. With 41 degrees temperature (105 degrees Fahrenheit), people on the waitlist to get a seat at the restaurant sat in their cars until they got a call on their cell phone to enter. :)

Given the demand for volunteers, they took on -- as usual -- a completely new crew of volunteers. And since May is the time of summer vacation, everything was designed around the theme of playfulness. Below you can see "menu" offered as a crossword puzzle, the name tags with "Class", and they even wore white shirts with name badges, "Class of 2018".

The note of gratitude that Parag shared started with, "You guys don’t know what seeds you have planted." That was very generous, when actually it is quite impossible to distinguish seeds turning into fruits, and fruits cultivating seeds. :)

Feeling grateful for the many love warriors of this ecosystem.

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Comments (2)

  • Raji wrote ...

    What a delight to hear about this. Love and good wishes for the love warriors to keep going

  • Elizabeth wrote ...

    the ripples of joy, playfulness and Kindness felt through this article. Thank you VERY Much for sharing. No wonder people seat in their cars to get the opportunity to participate in the "love warriors ecosystem"