Inspiring Kindness Act

Posted by Maria Daniel on May 21, 2018
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Inspiring kindness act:
This is not Airbnb.
This is AirbnFree! :)

After months of work furnishing, I'm happy to open the doors to my apartment to you and YOUR friends on the Internet watching this.

Here is the backstory and how you can visit:

4 months ago or so, I visited مدينة روابي Rawabi City in Palestine and was so impressed that I made my first ever investment there on a 2 bedroom apartment with a beautiful view.

The idea behind the purchase is to promote more people to come to Palestine and see it in person (not just Rawbai, but around it too) and the least I can do is offer my place to stay.

But as is the case with every country in conflict, the picture is incmplete without the other. In this case, Israel. My initial thought was to buy another apartment there but it's insanely expensive and I almost never do any sponsored posts here so I'm not rich ;). Instead, I'm in the process of RENTING a place for a year or two to open up a Nas Daily Open House there as well. I'm shooting for Tel Aviv, but that process takes a bit more time than I expected (but I will email you once it's open)

For now, the Palestine one is officially open.

How To Get There:

I need you to fill out this form:

Once you get a confirmation from us within a day or two, we will have a helper meet you in the city and give you the key to the apartment. Stay however long you want and use my apartment as a springboard to your Palestine travels in the West Bank. Then return the keys.

You are like family, so I have zero issues with security, stolen stuff, or vandalization. I trust you will take good care of it and my only request is you leave a nice note.

For any questions regarding an immediate visit, please email nasdaily.apartment [@]
with the subject line URGENT and we will respond fast. Doors will open on the 1st of JUNE!!


Not for fun, definitely. I think 99.999% of you won't stay at the apartment. It's mostly symbolic. But in the middle of all of this mess between Israel and Palestine, I want to help in my own way. I never thought Twitter hashtags worked, so this is my own version of it.

If this act inspires you to help in your own community in however way you want (doesn't have to be as expensive) then this project is a success!

Thank you all! And hope to make this work!

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  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    Maria this is beautiful kindness - wow! I'm in that 99 percent but my heart reaches across the world to you tonight. I have so connected to your posts recently. Thank you. =) *hugs* and gratitude, ♥. Micky