Happy Mother's Day: I Lost My 27 ...

Posted by Dimple Parmar on May 14, 2018
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Happy Mother's day:
I lost my 27 yr old young husband (Nitesh) to cancer 2 months back. I was so devastated and couldn't do anything on Mothers day for 5 mothers in my life. My mom, Mom in law, 2 moms who took care of us in the USA when we came here for Nitesh's treatment and my sister who recently became a mother. Yesterday late evening I got up and made 5 videos for 5 moms with all pictures involving them, me and Nitesh. They totally Loved it and had tears in their eyes when they saw it. We cherished Nitesh's memories and that's the way he would have wished all Mothers. Sometimes just by doing simple things, you can touch people's hearts and I felt amazing after doing this small act. BE SELFISH BE GENEROUS. Thank you for teaching such priceless things.

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Comments (3)

  • Neeti S W wrote ...

    Death connects us to life [View Link]

  • Sarah Thomas wrote ...

    Such a touching story!

  • Khang Nguyen wrote ...

    Thank you for doing such a beautiful thing for your mothers. May peace finds its way to you and them both.