Meditation And Tea In Mississippi Begins ...

Posted by Eileen S on May 5, 2018
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Meditation and Tea in Mississippi begins a second year! Our small group continues to shine our tiny light in the rural south of America. We have explored different ways of being together including walking meditations outside as darkness settles, lying on our backs observing the stars become visible as the full moon creeps up over the tree line, and exploring satsumas, cilantro and flowers with all five senses. Sometimes it is a challenge to hold my guiding idea that opening the circle is most important...not how many people join it on any given evening. And then, walking down my drive through the trees returning from one of our evenings, I am captivated by the tiny lights of the fireflies blinking on and off. Each light so small. And at the same time, with enough perspective, a whole universe of lights making the darkness welcoming and beautiful. Shine On Each and Every One of You...I know you are all out there!

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  • Sarah wrote ...

    Inspiring and motivational post! Thank you for sharing!