A Day Beyond Words At The Service Space Retreat

Posted by Alma Gall on May 1, 2018
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The Service Space retreat on the 27th of April in the "Dreamicon Valley", which is located in the Austrian federal state of "Burgenland", was a truly inspirational day. It was co-created by around 30 participants from diverse backgrounds and places and was filled with lots of love, silence and deep connection in a truly “traumhaft“ (this German word can literally be translated into dreamlike) atmosphere. This is also thanks to our hosts, Kathrin and Ulli, who transformed their "Heuriger", a typical Austrian restaurant, into a wonderful retreat location.

We were very honored with Nipun’s second visit to Austria, after the Happier World Conference in London he came all the way to Vienna to join us. Before the retreat we had had two amazing days with several events in Vienna: an Awakin Circle hosted by Christine in a community centre, Vienna’s first Karma Kitchen at the co-learning and co-working space “Markhof” and Nipun’s keynote speech at the Sustainability Day of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. The dream coaches and founders of DreamAcademia, Hermann and Katzi (who offer all their services on a philosophy of trust and pay-what-it-is-worth-to-you), put their love and energy to co-organize all these events.

Morning circle with the participants at the retreat

Another highlight was the presence of Ashima, a full-time Service Space volunteer from India, who blessed us with her being and amazing handmade gifts that she brought from her temporary hometown Bucharest (also check out her amazing food blog). And Carollyne, Cuddle Therapist from the Netherlands kept embracing us with her arms and heart. Marie and Martin, who are currently traveling the world were also able to join in at this special event in their home country.

Carollyne the cuddle therapist together with Franz
Carollyne in her element as Cuddle Therapist

There was no strict agenda, except for the starting time of the Awakin Circle and the retreat itself. So we all trusted to “go with the flow“ of the moment. After arriving, we started the day together in silence in the circle. Nipun opened the sharing circle with inspiring stories, inviting everyone to look deeply within as to which stories we want to collectively create in this world. Without a time frame assigned, every person shared their unique - and often emotional - stories. Afterwards, we had lunch in the sun with a rich buffet, which was healthy, mostly vegan and cooked by the participants, as well as Ulli and Kathrin. We then had a walk in nature, enjoying the breathtaking view of vineyards on the small hill.

Happy group picture in the sun

What a joyful walk in nature!

The day was ended with a local Awakin circle, to which more people joined in order to sit and contemplate together in silent presence. After the round of sharing, Carollyne closed the circle with a heartwarming song on her guitalele. For the second time, Kathrin and Ulli organized an amazing buffet, which the participants contributed to.
The beautiful conversations went on until late in the evening, but despite all the words spoken and also written in this blog post, it was indeed a day beyond words, a day which touched our hearts deeply.

The contagious smiles of Nipun and our amazing hosts, Kathrin & Ulli

May the seeds of love and generosity of this gathering spread like spring pollen in the wind, creating positive change and many ripple effects around the globe.

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  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    So beautiful to see this emergence in Vienna, thanks for sharing Alma and I hope we get a chance to meet in-person some time! ❤️