Awakin RAK - March 2018

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Apr 1, 2018
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It was a lovely Wednesday evening at RAK and we had our third session of the year for Awakin RAK at Neelam auntie and Manohar uncle's place. We started off by having one hour of meditation in silence and it was so peaceful. The energies were all so positive around.

Then we had the beautiful passage read out about the difficult people. It was very endearing and the discussion was also very positive with lots of examples to deal with difficult people being shared and reflections of what each one of us thought on the passage. The purpose was being able to see the change and transformation happen from within us.

This was then followed by a sumptuous dinner. We all wish to thank Neelam auntie and Manohar Uncle for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be connected and meditate.

Till we meet soon, Keep smiling :-)

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