It Was A Night Of Letting ...

Posted by sunita Lama on Mar 26, 2018
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 It was a night of letting go with soulful music and in the company of the singer himself. No, there was no Celine Dion or Adele or Katy Perry in our midst but that didn’t stop us. We sang in mixed pitches to strike the chord of oneness that binds  us irrespective of our externals. It was indeed a night where music spoke in the language of love and broke all inhibitions. Deepest gratitude to our brother Nimo for the  magical awakening.
To quote Jacob, ‘Thursday night was a beautiful collection of caring and loving souls. Wonderful gentle energy filled the room when we all met and sat in meditation. Then there was open, honest sharing from the heart. Nimo got, ‘put on the spot’ and delivered a freestyle rap – a beautiful metaphor for life where we all rap impromptu. It was a night of uplifting joy, music and conversation.’
For aunty Neelam, ‘the whole experience left me in awe. Being with Nimo , listening to his journey and song shared with such honesty was humbling.’
Sara is grateful for the space and Neha felt the night’s experience was beyond beautiful.
Sehr summed it up this powerful statement, ‘What a night!'


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