First Karma Kitchen In Israel!
--Galia Tyano
1 minute read
Mar 24, 2018

Our very first Karma Kitchen, in Israel, was so amazing!

Such a blessing. I am so grateful to you all!!

We fed with love and tasty food -- 400 people in 2 rounds of lunch! So many wonderful people we met.

The people loved it so much. Here's our volunteer circle, before we started:

May we be at service for as many as possible
May peace prevail on earth

I’ll tell you more as soon as I can.

Love you very much. Thank you for your enormous support and love -- like this kid, every time I looked back, I felt like you were all with me giving me strength.

Still shaking from the inside from all that goodness of heart... a great wave of generosity that we are all part of.

Lots of hugs.

More photos here.

Posted by Galia Tyano on Mar 24, 2018

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