Dear Staff And Volunteers Of Seva ...
--Yoav Peck
1 minute read
Mar 21, 2018


Dear staff and volunteers of Seva Cafe,

I visited your wonderful space with Gandhi 3.0 about a month ago. I was so struck by what you are doing! I am an organizational psychologist, and what you are doing, in my language, is creating the future, here in the present. Every evening, Seva Cafe demonstrates the future we can all live into.

If you remember, you spoke to us from the stage, and moved us with your authenticity and commitment. Anyway, last week I was making a presentation to the staff of a psychiatric clinic here in Israel. I showed them the picture of all of you, and I told them about my experience there. I shared the profundity of accepting your generosity, the appreciation of what you have created there. I did it because I wanted the clinic staff to glance what it is like when people envision the way life can be, and then they create a way of living that in the present. The group of psychiatrists and psychologists and social workers all allowed themselves to be inspired, as I continue to be. Thank you.

Yoav Peck, Jerusalem


Posted by Yoav Peck on Mar 21, 2018