Pay-It-Forward Examples?

Posted by Nikita Krivoshey on Mar 13, 2018
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Hi, I have been disconnected from ServiceSpace since I moved out of the Bay Area, but I have never forgotten and would like to reconnect and I ask for your collective knowledge for my project. I have started working on a video project about how the idea of paying-it-forward has worked historically and what makes people Pay-It-Forward ideologically as well as practically on an individual level as well as on a systemic social level. I am looking for examples of organizations which have successfully run Pay-it-forward operations. Some of the examples I am aware of are: Churches, maker spaces, Karma Kitchen, and Vipassana retreats. I would appreciate if you could add to this list some other examples which I will use for referencing in my project. Thank you!

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  • Nisha Srinivasan wrote ...

    Great idea! Do you have a data sheet online that is shared?

  • Nikita Krivoshey wrote ...

    I have been using a Document to write notes but at the current stage is quite disorganized and not ready sharing, but thank you for the idea Nisha! I will organize it over the next couple days and provide a link.

  • Birju Pandya wrote ...

    Hi Nikita! some other possibilities that come up for me - 12 step programs, Dama, families, and the book 'The Gift' by Lewis Hyde and 'The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible' by Charles Eisenstein :) hope that helps!  

  • Nikita Krivoshey wrote ...

    thank you Birju. Do you know if the coordinators of 12 Steps programs are volunteers?

  • Jyoti wrote ...

    Education is mostly based on a pay it forward mindset. I pass on to my students what my teachers gave me. As is parenting to some extent as I parent my child the way my parents parented me, atleast the subconsciously, even if I choose differently consciously.

  • Nikita Krivoshey wrote ...

    thats a good point Jyoti. It definitely must be true in the case of a good teacher. Maybe not so much in the case of a teacher thats in it for the money.

  • Nikita Krivoshey wrote ...

    Hi, here is a link to a document which is a work in progress. If you wish to contibute, edit, or comment, I will appreciate it :) Also please let me know if the link doesnt work for you.
    [View Link]

  • Clipart

    wrote ...

    Thank you Birju.