Three Kind Acts :)

Posted by on Mar 13, 2018
swapnagupta443: Hospitality at the Gas Station
Many years ago, when we first went to Canada, we were driving through Montana to Colorado with our two children, then ages 8 and 11. We thought we would find a motel on the way and had not made a booking. As it was getting late we started looking for ...

greenurlifenow: Gift Bag Surprise!
Tonight, I volunteered at a Kidney Foundation gala event, after a long 8 hour day at work. I finished work at 4:30PM, and then volunteered at this event from 5PM to 10PM. The event was held in a downtown hotel. When my shift was done, I stopped to use the restroom ...

mamabear_1957: Homeless guy
I had just been paid and I stopped off at an ATM at a local supermarket where I withdrew £40, , £30 to loan to my son & £10 for the bits I needed to buy . On entering the supermarket I saw a young man, obviously homeless sat ...

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