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Posted by ServiceSpace on Mar 9, 2018
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In recent times, Awakin Circles are cropping up in so many parts of the world. Two in Austria, two more in Turkey, one in Romania, another in (Lisbon) Portugal, another in (Warsaw) Poland, one in Germany, two in Dubai.

With that, Somik is seeing more and more translations every week! Sidenote: did you know that weekly drawings for Awakin Readings are done by a woman who invented the Facebook like button? :)

London, which is home to four Awakin Circles in four locations every month, is hosting it's monthly retreat. You might remember this glorious photo of the last one in Ani's backyard!

It’s not just Awakin Circles. In Bombay, Rupali pioneered a “heArt Circle”, the second hour of sharing is done via art. They just completed their 60th week and now other cities are taking note. In Berkeley, Thuy has been hosting a monthly circle where sharing is done through song. In virtual space, Mihir and Parag have been hosting “Awakin Dialogues” circle, where the sharing is a really deep intellectual dive, for the last 1.5 years. In Tokyo, Maki is hosting a “metta circle” to send goodwill around the world, while in Baroda, Jaimit has started a prayer circle (with prayers like this). And in Santa Clara, the most recent rage has been Awakin Kids circles.

At Gandhi 3.0 retreat, Bonnie and Sehr learned how to “stitch a heart”. Now, in Ventura and Dubai, they are both holding “Stitch a Heart” circles.

The ripples from Gandhi 3.0 retreat in late January have been unending. To keep up with the momentum, Audrey and Zilong initiated a special Laddership Circle -- we’ve maxed out with dozen folks, starting their six-week journey later this month.

"Our progress is not measured by the amount of inventions we create ... but by the amount of the world that we are able to reintegrate and recognize as ourselves." --satprem, in Katie’s latest video

Every day, we gets tons of requests for Smile Cards. Michael, one of our oldest shippers who has shipped over a thousand orders, flagged one of the comments from an order: "Someone gave me a smile card before I had surgery and I believed it helped me get through the double mastectomy."

Linda Brant asked for a bulk order of 200: “I have recently been promoted to management and would like to use a Smile Card to tag all of my direct reports.”

Such stories give you hope, in face reports like this massive report on fake news: lies beat out truth.

Fortunately, we don't do much media. If it happens, it’s a ripple of a ripple of a ripple -- that we often don’t even know about. Like Aya, who was touched and then wrote about Pancho and Sam, then Tree, and then more -- in one of Japan’s premier fashion magazines! :) With Hiromi, Aya has now created a new blog to profile a series of interviews for the Japanese community.

These days, average tenure at 10 major tech companies is merely 1-2 years. But Deloitte research: if you want to retain millennials, get them to volunteer!

Millennials certainly seem to love Karma Kitchen. But is it the love -- or the dabbing? :)

Story heard at Karma Kitchen last month: “As a young woman, I was about to board a plane to visit my dying father. A nun asked me why I was sad, and then left saying she’ll pray for me. That nun went on to become Mother Teresa.”

When Karma Kitchen started, it was hard to describe it -- it is a restaurant but not really. Now, everyone knows what a “pop up” is. How Pop-Ups Took Over America’s Restaurant

You might've heard about KK in Israel, launching later this month, by a woman named Galia. If you've seen this video of thousands of Jews and Muslims singing Matisyahu’s One Day together, check out the woman at 0:39 and 4:06 -- that's our sister with Dead Sea sand on her forehead, singing her heart out for peace.

From ServiceSpace mom: When My Father Passed Away

Moms, in fact, might be a key to solving inequality. Landmark study concludes that singing, talking and playing with kids can help create critical bonds that lead to success in later life.

Go Kindful Kids. And Conscious Mamas. :) (Word on the street: an in-person retreat maybe coming soon to a retreat center near Meghna’s Awakin Circle.)

Speaking of youth, you might’ve heard about a middle school doing a 21-Day Fearless Challenge. But this is also fearless: middle school boys arrange a heart with stones (painted by Sunita and Anne!) and Audrey holding a bullhorn surrounded by 230 middle schoolers!

A new challenge that was just posted: “21-Day Inner and Outer Beauty Challenge.” “This challenge is started by 3 childhood friends who have been busy taking care of tiny humans wanted to make a pact to connect with the FEELING of feeling beautiful from the inside-out.”

Nipun's two month trip to India involved engagement with thousands of people across many cities -- with a mix of one-to-many talks, one-to-one meetings, and many-to-many circles and retreats. It was a do-not-try-at-home itinerary, but he still came back smiling. Next week: Michigan, week after: Philly, April: London and Austria, May: Philippines and Vietnam. As Pancho likes to quote Vinoba, “Jai Jagat, Gloria el Planeta!”

In different parts of the world, Nisha, Ewa, and the ProPoor team are scheming up a project to beef up the NGO listing! Lots of potential at the intersection of, and #ComingSoon

Laddership Circles are all the rage. Did you know that Min is anchoring a 9-month circle with girls at Instilling Goodness School? In India, Parag, Meghna and gang are wading through loads of apps for two concurrent circles starting this month. And in the good ol’ United States, we have 45 people waiting for a yet-to-be-announced circle. :)

All ServiceSpace coordinators are themselves doing various 9-month Laddership Circles -- one focused on community, another on our content portals, and third focused on our design principles.

The opening theme for the Design-Principles pod, with a group of 25: impermanence. Among the circle was Mish, who sent a note with about 20 emoticons, “I submitted my homework, but a Big OY VEY!” Ashima, editor of MBL newsletter: “Impermanence! I don't think I understood everything well and don't know what I really wrote :-) But that’s why I am waiting to read and listen to everyone else's reflections.” Ragu got so fired up that he did *all* the extra credit with a dozen readings and videos! While David in Costa Rica ponders a metaphor for designs for impermanence, Jane, in London, says, “Impermanence seems to be everywhere suddenly.” :) Stay tuned to your nearest blog, for latest on the fireworks. :)

Our Healing+T circle last year rippled into a thematic Laddership Circle just for doctors -- that just completed last week. Pavi, Devendra, Larry and Bill anchored the group of 13, with lots of inspiring stories like Venu’s. And this: “As my practice this week, I gave love during surgery. I was doing surgery but underneath my mask, I flashed a continuous big smile.”

Kozo and Dr. Bill stepped that up even further, with a full-day retreat at Banyan Grove last month. It featured Priya’s opening -- and even a poem by Doctor Poet Sri! Here’s 40 of us waving, including Grace.

Banyan Grove -- oh yes, remember that guy who co-created that epic song? He’s following Sam and Hiromi as the next anchor, starting on April Fools Day!

Speaking of fools, Kay Jorgensen of Faithful Fools passed away in January. Bless you, Kay, for always spreading your light. Here’s Kay and Carmen indoctrinating Nipun as a fool in 2010, with a red-nose to boot.

Some good tech: automated translation from English to sign language. And more from Google: predict heart disease by an eye scan. But then, there’s robo-bees and robo-judges. MIT published their annual list of top-10 breakthrough technologies, that included: artificial embryos that create life without eggs or sperm.

On balance, Steven Pinker argues that the world is a better place today than ever before in history. Bill Gates agrees. Does that consider small data or deep data or subtle data?

Effortless way to increase memory: silence. Probably an effortless way to do unlock many other kinds of data, too. :)

Yukio Shige’s service leverages a rather simple technology: listening. Through his binoculars, he peers across the columns of Tojinob cliffs, where a lot of people go to commit suicide. If he sees someone, he hikes up to ask them, “Hey, how are you doing?” Then he listens. He’s walked more than 600 people back from the edge.

Awakin Calls surge on, every Saturday, with Preeta’s laddership. Most recent guest, Fritjof Capra, had a whopping 270 RSVP’s. In the post-call feedback, he wrote … Overall experience of the call? "Excellent! Stimulating, wide-ranging conversation; very relaxed format; exactly the format I love." Ways we can support further? "I could not ask for anything more. Thank you so much!"

Here’s new research on more ancient tech: holding hands can ease pain, sync brainwaves.

Conversations with Richard feel like syncing brainwaves too. Just published: a compilation of 100 conversations!

A sweet ripple -- Anuj heard Aryae’s share and published it. Jane read it in Wisconsin, and she requested permission to use it as a meditation passage for staff at her children’s hospital! Heartbeat of a Drum.

It all feels like the syncing up of a global heartbeat. Here’s an upcoming Awakin Call guest who is hearing impaired: “One of the challenges for me always is hearing … I would probably ask my wife or a friend to sit with me so they can hear questions too to make sure I get it right. In general, I've managed to be in the hearing world quite effectively and as my wife can testify in our running in-house joke -- if I misunderstand something, I respond, ‘I love you too sweetheart.’”

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  • Rupal wrote ...

    Where can an email be sent for starting an Awakin Circle? I haven’t heard from anyone. Thanks. Great story!

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    Rupal, you can write to the Awakin team here: [View Link]

    You can also find a wonderful hosting guide online here to help get you started: [View Link]