Doing Things Together Is Beautiful :)

Posted by Vidhi Desai on Mar 7, 2018
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Some evenings are beautiful when family comes together for one of the most rare things. Because doing things together is a joy. One Sunday afternoon I was just cutting some sheets which apparently weren’t happening properly, my dad happened to pass, and offered his help saying Can I help you with this?

I was happy and I said yeah let’s do this together. In the evening all of us were home , and my mom asked me can I help you write on these cards. She said her handwriting and drawing is not at all good, but she still wants to offer. I have always learnt that the space of inviting people is significant, however they want to do it, its their wish

What stuck me was I just said whatever you are moved to do, please do it. With every card she would show me is this okay? Does this color suit the card and I would keep telling her every time whatever you are doing is great. I had some 70 cards to make for one of the retreats , but it seemed effortless .

Then my bhabhi whose an artist as well, just came and sat without me asking her anything, and she started doing it in her own beautiful ways.

I was just pondering the time I had thought would have taken was indeed much less than I had imagined, but the joy of creating this together on a Sunday evening was the best.

Doing something for someone invisibly and still being so excited about sending these cards to receive just moved something that evening. Don’t know whose going to receive but with the most amazing heart and love for volunteering just moved me.

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Comments (3)

  • Trupti Pandya wrote ...

    HeArtist at work :-) At our place, this happens mostly over chopping weekly vegies and its fun how when the team starts growing over conversations, laughter, jokes. .the whole "doing" thing shifts :-) thank you for sharing  

  • Kishan Laddha wrote ...

    Amazing Vidhi :) The deepening of bonds you are facilitating with family is inspiring. Reminded me of your grandmother and the faith and trust she has on you knowing your deep cultivation !

  • Ashish Bhangaokar wrote ...

    When there is no purpose, then it becomes a purpose to create it again and again. Feeling very delighted.