The Intelligence Of The Heart

Posted by Tim Huang on Jan 24, 2012
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According to author Howard Martin, "The heart sends out 40 to 60 times more electrical impulses than the brain. It doesn’t just pump blood; it plays a role in controlling emotions, secreting hormones. For thousands of years, people have written about the heart as having intelligence – maybe they were right." Our hearts have 40,000 neurons for a reason. Perhaps following its rhythm may guide us in making wiser decisions in our day-to-day lives and choosing more compassionate responses to the global challenges that we face today.  

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Comments (2)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    Indeed, the mystics always spoke about the intelligence of the heart -- and science is now coming to the same conclusions. (BTW, Howard Martin is a friend of ServiceSpace as well.)

  • JoAnn wrote ...

    Living from the heart first - is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and each other. I am that!