It Was A Night Of Hugs ...

Posted by sunita Lama on Feb 25, 2018
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It was a night of hugs and sacred connection! 

This circle had a unique flavor of old and new, far and near! It was a privilege to hold space with aunty Karoona, who’s in Dubai for just a month but made it for the evening. Aunty Nisha ( Sonia’s mom) Khusbu ( Sonia’s sister-in-law) , Vache ( Sehr’s friend) and Jacob,‘The Feel Good Guy’, were the ‘newbies’ who brought in their characteristic richness, vibrancy and variety. Meyank ,our old timer joined us after about a year and Sehr who had a super busy day, squeezed out an hour for collective silence .

We were also joined by Zilong and his parents from Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The temperature there is -3 degrees, yet his parents stayed awake (Inner Mongolia time is four hours ahead) and sat at exactly 7:00 pm, Dubai time making the space all the more precious. Our kinship is sealed for many lifetimes!

The evening was a mix of deep insight and lighter moments where we shared wisdom, humor, endless hugs and delicious food. ( The 'dhoklas' that aunty Nisha prepared were to die for).

In other words, we fed the soul and the stomach!


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  • Neelam wrote ...

    We are Blessed ! 🙏