Here Is The Statement We At ...
--Yoav Peck
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Feb 15, 2018


Here is the statement we at Sulha will hand out in Arabic and Hebrew and English at tonight's gathering. I was thinking of Ahmedabad and all of you as I wrote it.

Welcome to the Sulha Peace Project! Since 2000, Sulha has brought Israelis and Palestinians together for the purpose of enabling face-to-face connection among us. At this time, when many on both sides are losing hope for substantial change, Sulha offers heart-to-heart engagement between the sides. At Sulha, we go beyond political discussion and direct our attention to the human issues that concern us. We ask questions like, "How is it to live your life in this reality? What do you feel when you face the tasks of your daily life? What are your dreams for the future?"

At Sulha, we believe that we all have the right to live our lives in peace and freedom, without oppression and fear. The current situation engenders mistrust and stereotypes about the other side. Through direct person-to-person encounters, in a safe environment, people can know each other and break through the prejudices that prevent trust. By connecting as human beings, we are planting the seeds for ongoing cooperation among us. We build trust and respect by sharing from the heart and by listening deeply to each other, acknowledging the humanity that is common to us all. We warmly welcome you here at this gathering!


Posted by Yoav Peck on Feb 15, 2018

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