Bringing Gandhi Into Our Lives
--Yoav Peck
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Feb 20, 2018


During the week we spent together at Gandhi 3.0, I became aware of the emphasis I put on the "doing" of life, of activism. And that doing-ness has to be.

The question that arose during the week is: on what basis does the doing rest, from what wellspring does the activism spring forth? In what way is the inner Yoav getting expressed in all the meetings and arrangements and army permits and sound equipment handling??

I am not a praying sort of guy. But I am connected to God in my own way -- in the forest, when sailing a small boat, and in the moments of grace between people at Sulha gatherings. But it does seem like I don't bring my reverence, my gratitude, my vision into my daily work. Not enough. So I'm now looking at possibilities for bringing my experience in India into my daily living/working.

In Ahmedabad, among you 70 terrific people from around the world, through the series of deep-going exercises and sharing, through connecting to Gandhi's legacy, I was moved. The profound generosity of the community, the thirty volunteers who gave selflessly all through the week, the affirmations that flowed like waterfalls, I received a great spiritual lift, a gift. As I walk the path I'm grateful to be walking now, I intend to share that gift with others, and that I intend to integrate it into what I do.

Next Thursday, some 100 Palestinians and Israelis will gather at the Jewish-Arab village, Neve Shalom, to engage in people-to-people connecting. This will not be simple, at this time. Since Trump's devastating announcement about Jerusalem, 25 people have died in demonstrations and terror, as hundreds have been wounded and arrested. Despair is king, and mistrust for the other side is in the air, more than ever. The Sulha team met last night, and I gave everyone a heart from Sughad to pin on their shirts. We resolved to bring our hearts to the gathering next week, to heal the wounds, to enable the open sharing around the listening circle that brings with it trust and hope. And then we will rejoice in the music of the Rana, Jewish/Arab women's choir, glimpsing for a few hours the loving future for which we all long.


Posted by Yoav Peck on Feb 20, 2018

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