Awakin Dubai, 2018

Posted by sunita Lama on Jan 27, 2018
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After a gap of almost six months we, the Dubai community, were able to come together and connect in silence. It was a homecoming that was long overdue and deeply missed!
There were challenges no doubt but when the intention is pure, all hindrances are overcome. Just a day before the scheduled date, Neha, our faithful coordinator, messaged to break the news that confirmations were canceled. This news however didn’t deter my plan or hurt my feelings as it would have in the past. (Vipasana therapy to the rescue!) I was determined to sit in silence even if it meant being alone (in the physical sense). Then at around 3:45, another message popped up with two confirmations, followed by yet another soon after. I silently offered gratitude to the universe and allowed the beautiful evening to unfold in its natural rhythm. What is meant to be, will be is what the song ‘Que será, será’ had taught me pretty early in life.
An hour flew by like it was seconds and soon J Krishnamruthy’s philosophy pervaded the room. Sandhya shared a beautiful incident from her childhood days to reiterate the message of being in totality. Amit, a veteran of the Awakin, Dubai Circle shared how his purpose in life was slowly taking shape and where he was heading next. On the other hand, Swapnil, a newbie in this glamourous city, expressed how such a space had deeper meaning now that he’s experiencing the distractions of the outside world.
This circle of silence and sharing left us firmly convinced that one does see clarity within and is not misled by the million confusions our monkey mind creates . It also strengthens our faith, affection and compassion for each other knowing that we are one.

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Comments (2)

  • Zilong Wang wrote ...

    So grateful for your faithful offering of sacred space and community, dear Sunita! :) <3

  • Neelam wrote ...

    Beautiful share Sunita!
    Clear intentions bringforth amazing experiences....
    lots of Love.