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Posted by Sheetal Vaidya on Dec 11, 2017
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As a kid i was enrolled to learn Indian classical music and I didn’t fare very well there. But the notes made something in me come alive and since then I have had interest in listening/understanding music and poetry with all my heart. Somewhere along life’s busy path it became limited to becoming an avid car listener. My love to drive and music married each other and I would constantly look for “good” music.
This music came alive in full flow during the the bhav yatra. My goal oriented mind had little clue how this yatra would shape up and whether there’s any meaning to it or will it remain a downright foolish adventure (as a dear friend put it!). Last couple of years have seen many magical moments supposedly understood as result of this trip. One of them is the musical connection that has brought in abundance of poetry weaved in soulful notes that awakens the conscious as it seeps in slowly into the system.
The story began at Morari Bapu’s ashram in Gujarat where Po connects with Shabnam who in turn invites Bhav yatri’s to her home at Bangalore for a Kabir satsang. My first gift...musical beginning to the yatra!
The story doesn’t end here..but somewhat begins here, and enters Vipul who wishes to join the yatra. It had been 3 months into the yatra and many people expressed their wish to join and were not able to, so the mind was a bit apprehensive that this celebrity kind of a guy will be able to make it. His version of this is also interesting..he says he didn’t trust how the yatra will go so he booked two return tickets. Two distrusts, two negatives resulted into a positive and he joined and didn’t exercise ticket options! My second gift...a best pal.
The trip thereon took us to residential school for special kids, jindal steel factories, homes of business tycoons to peaceful abode of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa at Belur Math. Through this kabir/poetry touched people’s heart and souls.The ease of presentation made it easy to understand and embody the deeper meanings through experience, i felt Kabir’d, till that point, i had always though kabir is good till school text is different! And to my surprise when i heard those words, life was right there. I was able to relate to each song and its meaning in many ways. My third gift...understanding kabir/sufi in laymen’s language and practice it too!
And at some point a prayer emerged to share this songs with more and more people frequently. After the yatra, the prayer started taking shape and many satsangs were organized. Vipul would happily sing with all his bhav to share wherever we requested. From kabir festivals to MBL retreats, to many community homes across India kabir would just flow through his voice and tanpura. The fourth connections strengthened through musical thread.
The prayer brought in more inspiration and this time in form of Nimo (empty hands) we got charged up to come out with an album. And again universe aligned itself magically to bring in an artist who drew the cover page, another music fan to create a website for sharing the album and a studio to record. A music album was made and is offered in the spirit of gift to all. A year ago Arundada inaugurated it at the start up service retreat. The chosen songs speak in many ways. The same song heard repeatedly brings out different meanings and experiences. From listening to hearing to embodying it takes its journey to bring some realization to each one. One of my favourite song “kachi che kaya tari” (body is so fragile), has traversed through many levels and is alive with its truth in every moment. There’s a saying in Gujarati “ગમતા નો કરીએ ગુલાલ (gamta no kariye gulal)” (whatever is closest to heart is shared with others like colours). So here it is:
The fifth gift...Ishq fakiri. for all to enjoy and explore their sound of music.
Deeply grateful to all forces of universe that aligned to bring this musical blessing as a gift into being for anyone who would like to touch the core through this poetry, its soulful renditions and lucid translations.

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  • Mindyjourney wrote ...

    What a beautiful gift! Thank you.