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Posted by Kishan Laddha on Dec 10, 2017
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Yesterday was Imam Saheb's death anniversary, he came with Gandhiji from South Africa renouncing his established business and decided to settle in Sabarmati Ashram serving for the freedom movement. To give homage to Imam saheb, remembering the incredible work he did for communal harmony and for promoting Khadi, Jayesh bhai along with other residents of Gandhi Ashram visited Imam Manzil and also went to his graveyard and offered prayers and flowers.

On the way back Jayesh bhai met an old friend Dil Khush bhai, hisbname literally means happy heart. Jayesh bhai asked DilKhush to come with him and have a cup of tea, and they visited the tea stall opposite Gandhi Ashram.

Dil Khush' profession is to mend old tin cans into dustbins and even in the process he uses the waste tin sheets to make dust pans. His love to make best out of waste could be the core of his deep bonding with Jayesh Bhai. Witnessing the bonding at tea stall, Hasmukh bhai a resident of Ashram offered 20 empty oil tin canisters with an intention to convert them into dustbins that can be gifted to Ashram Parivar /households in Ashram.

Facilitated by Jayesh Bhai Dil Kush and his son immediately started working with these tin cans. Some volunteers wondered at the work and offered their help to colour the converted dustbins, The teachers and the students in the ashram campus also came forward to paint these cans turned into dustbins. And with the help of elders from the ashram every family is going to be gifted these beautifully on 26th December remembering Ishwar Dada. In true sense this is the production of dustbins by masses,.

It has been observed that when dustbins made by mass production are given by government or are gifted by corporate made by mass production creates dependency while in this case :

The dustbins are to be made out of waste, even the waste out of waste is converted into dust pans

It's bringing people together - students facilitated by teachers and volunteers are going to colour the dustbins expressing creativity with joy of togetherness

Elders are going to distribute dustbins to individual households deepening bonds

The son of Dilkhush bhai will get on the job training, they will also earn some incentives

Hasmukh bhai is deepening his sense of contribution cultivating deeper ties with Asrham Parivar

Students and families will have sensitisation about waste management

As we see from distance, it's a small yet wonderful equation bringing impact and awareness rooted in transformation - cultivating multiple forms of social capitals while having material capital as a by product.

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  • Gayathri Ramachandran wrote ...

    Wow -- lovely to read this! Thank you for sharing :)

  • Nilam Chauhan wrote ...

    Wow! What a beautiful way to remember Ishwar Dada’s service and pay respect to his soul !

  • Neelam Mandhani wrote ...

    Thanks for sharing..... Moved !

  • patjos wrote ...

    Wonderful work, thank you.